About Us

Our Mission: Exploration and conservation of plant resources for a better life.

Features of National Botanical Garden, Godawari

Floral Diversity: Angiosperms 893 species; Gymnosperms 26 species; Pteridophytes 91 species.

In-situ conserved plants: 453 species and Ex-situ conserved plants: 557 species.

Botanical Information and Exhibition Center

Thematic and Plant Landscape Gardens: Physic garden, Biodiversity education garden, Rock garden, Fern garden, Japanese style garden, Special garden, Terrace garden, Rare and endangered plant garden, Lily garden, Taxonomic family garden (Bentham and Hookers classification system), Tropical plant house, Coronation pond (aquatic plant garden), Rose garden, VVIP plantation garden, Ethno-botanical garden and Canna path.

Garden Sections: Conservation and Education Section, Garden Development Section,  Floriculture Section and Medicinal Plants & Information Section.