Programs & Activities

Programs & Activities of NBG

Principal Research Activities: (1) Conservation and propagation of endemic, indigenous, native, threatened, and other useful plants, (2) Ex-situ plant conservation through seed germplasm preservation in the seed gene bank.

Besides, this garden is carrying and supporting research under various topics, including (1) Taxonomic study of Musaceae in Nepal, (2) Identification and documentation of in-situ as well as ex-situ conserved plant species present in the National Botanical Garden, (3) Growth rate of Lichen species in Nepal, (4) Air pollution tolerance index of Kathmandu Valley (Master’s Thesis), (5) Floral preferences of Butterflies in the National Botanical Garden, Godawari, Nepal (Master’s Thesis)

Major Annual Research Programs (2080/81)

  • Collection and conservation of 20 new plant species in the NBG
  • Collection and preservation of 30 new plant species in the NBG seed bank
  • Research on one indigenous ornamental plant species

Annual Programs 2080/81 (PDF)