Objectives & Activities

Objectives of the NBG

The major objectives of this botanical garden are:

  • To conserve and maintain a diverse living collection of plants
  • To develop protocols for plant propagation and seed banking 
  • To support education and research in the field of plant science
  • To promote the development of botanical gardens in Nepal
  • To promote understanding and appreciation of plants and the natural environment
  • To collaborate with the national and international botanical institutions for conservation, research, and knowledge sharing

Major activities of the NBG

The major activities of this botanical garden are:

  • Collection, introduction and maintenance of native, indigenous, and exotic plants
  • Ex-situ and in-situ conservation of endemic, threatened, and other useful plants
  • Collection, germination test, and storage of seeds in the seed bank
  • Education regarding conservation, classification, and uses of plants
  • Technology development for plant propagation
  • Landscape development and beautification to improve the garden’s aesthetic appeal for visitors
  • Production and sale of ornamental plants and MAPs
  • Participation in the flower exhibition
  • Dissemination of botanical information to raise awareness
  • Extra-curricular activities and plantation on various occasions
  • Technical support in plant propagation and garden development

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