The National Botanical Garden, Godawari, Lalitpur, Nepal is widely regarded as a focal centre for the protection, development and research on plant resources. It has an international reputation as a Botanical Garden and holds documented collections and display of living plants with scientific research, conservation and education purpose. It spreads over an area of 82 ha. of varying topography, among which, 35 ha. has been developed into various garden units. It is surrounded by natural evergreen forest dominated by Schima-Castanospsis and Alnus. A natural stream is running from the mid garden.

The NBG, Godawari is the only National level garden of Govt. of Nepal, although there are 11 other botanical gardens at eight districts including WPBG, Kaski, Pokhara. It comprises a natural landscape with glass houses. It is situated about 16 km south east from central Kathmandu. At present it comes under the Department of Plant Resources, Ministry of Forest and Soil Conservation. It is an internationally recognized botanical garden with 38 staffs and an income of NRs. 36,09,095.00 for the fiscal year 2069/70, as well as a visitor attraction receiving almost 2,66,845 visitors in the same fiscal year. A comparative chart of visitors and revenue (ANNEX- II) shows that there is a trend of increasing visitors and revenue every year.

Govt. of Nepal has managed this Botanical Garden since its inception in 1962 with a policy of charged entry with the gates opening daily from 9.00 AM to 4.00 PM during the month of Mangshir, Poush and Magh (mid November to mid February) and from 9.00 AM to 5.00 PM for the rest of years. Students especially the students of botany come here for their educational tours, couples spend their quality time with each other, family and friends come here for peace and relaxation to spend holidays and shooting crews for the shoot of videos & films.